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Writer's Block: Vision Test

No, I don't.

My parents do. They moved in together in under a week and have been together for seventeen years now. They quite clearly love each other very much and have both told me that they have felt that way from the beginning.

But I'm still quite doubtful. I believe in instant attraction, but I think that love is something that develops over time, in the same way that platonic bonds develop over time as we get to know and trust our friends better.

It intrigues me that the notion of love at first sight is so idealised by people, because surely falling in love at first sight presents a shallow and purely physical side of love instead of valuing the spiritual aspect? I sometimes wonder how we can even contemplate the idea of love at first sight being sensible when, to me, it seems so completely illogical and irrational.

But then, what about love is logical or rational?