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Bamboo Blade Icons

Well, I've never uploaded any icons before but I made all these ages ago with the intention of uploading them so I thought it was about high time that I did!

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I have loads more screencaps that I took when I did this batch, so I'm hoping to make another batch of icons or possibly a mood theme in the near future.      

Midlands MCM Expo

Had an awesome day today. :)

I went to my first proper anime convention. I have been to one before but it was quite a small one with no guests and only a few stalls, so it wasn't too exciting. The Telford Expo that I've been to today was much bigger and absolutely jam packed with people, to the point where we were sort of stuck just not moving for intervals because the walkways were just crammed.

To be honest, I was a little apprehensive at first, partly because it's the first time I've ever done cosplay and partly because I got a bit bored at the last one because it was so small. It really didn't take me long to get into it though; I really enjoy dressing up anyway and some of the other costumes around the hall were absolutely awesome! My favourite was this one lolita girl that I saw who had such an amazing dress which was black with lots of musical notation all over it in white and looked so pretty! I really wish I'd taken a photo! There were some really awesome characters around too, like this guy who'd gone to the trouble of making a whole Gengar head to wear! I went as Yin from Darker Than Black, and at one point I ran into another Yin and we had a bit of a flail moment at each other.

What really made my day was the guest panels though. I was already really excited before we got there because I knew that the guests included Tom Hopper and Adetomiwa Edun from Merlin and also Warwick Davis. (I should probably mention that I'm a HUGE Merlin fan, so I was very eager to see the former two in particular!) We saw a panel with Warwick Davis who was really entertaining and I was going to get a signed A4 poster but they cost £15 and I wasn't prepared to spend that much. I assumed it'd be the same price for the Merlin guys as well which made me slightly reluctant because it's such a wrench to spend so much money like that but it turned out that pictures of them were free so I was a very happy bunny. :)

Tom and Adetomiwa were both so lovely, and I ended up having a chat with Adetomiwa about Pierrefonds Castle and how beautiful it is. After I got my picture with both of them I did a bit of excitement-induced hyperventilating!!! About half an hour after that they did a panel and I asked them if they'd learnt any French because of the amount of time spent filming there. Adetomiwa used a few French phrases in his answer and while they were obviously quite basic I was really impressed by his accent! After that I started hyperventilating all over again! So essentially the Merlin bit was my favourite part of the day, as you can probably tell from all this gushing! :P

But in general I felt that the con was a brilliant event. While I may be slightly more interested in Western sci-fi than anime, it's really nice to be amongst people who have all the same interests as me rather than relying on the internet to talk about the kind of stuff that I like. I also feel that the atmosphere was really friendly, because so many people go around asking for hugs and there's so much open admiration of everyone's costumes. It kind of feels like the kind of place where you can just totally be yourself no matter how different you are. (Yes, I am aware of the irony of that statement considering that a lot of people go in costumes!) 

I'm really looking forward to going to another convention soon, though hopefully next time I'll remember to take my camera!

I found a book meme.

I don't normally do memes and things, but I felt as if my life needed some excitement.
A meme is evidently the way to go.

So here we go, a meme nabbed from book_memes.

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Writer's Block: Vision Test

No, I don't.

My parents do. They moved in together in under a week and have been together for seventeen years now. They quite clearly love each other very much and have both told me that they have felt that way from the beginning.

But I'm still quite doubtful. I believe in instant attraction, but I think that love is something that develops over time, in the same way that platonic bonds develop over time as we get to know and trust our friends better.

It intrigues me that the notion of love at first sight is so idealised by people, because surely falling in love at first sight presents a shallow and purely physical side of love instead of valuing the spiritual aspect? I sometimes wonder how we can even contemplate the idea of love at first sight being sensible when, to me, it seems so completely illogical and irrational.

But then, what about love is logical or rational?

So this is my First Journal Entry...

To be honest, I think it's going to be a little anti-climactic.

I've never been any good at keeping up with my journal. I've been using LJ for about seven years but it's been about a year since I last posted anything. I'm always doing that. It's quite annoying really, because sometimes I have things to say or I'm in the mood to just write but I totally forget that I have an account on here. Which, in itself, is quite weird because a) I have an excellent memory, and b) I'm on LJ all the time anyway, lurking around in the communities.

Anyway, this is now my new journal, which I've created in the hope that I'll write more often.

Let's see how long it lasts shall we?